Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 Update!

We just found a supplier with some additional M111 ¼” rootstocks available (as well as some M106 and Antonovka).  We are extending our offering time.

Nick Botner is offering his scionwood again this year.  We thought last year was our last chance as his property is for sale but he has assured me he will make his collection available for this season.  He would like us to get our request in soon so please order sooner rather than later.  He also has upped his pricing to $6 a stick. 

We do not sell scionwood so please contact Nick directly if that’s what you’d like.  We would also recommend Big Horse Creek Farm as a great scionwood  and fall tree source.  

Same pricing as last year - $10/benchgrafted tree 10 tree minimum.  Make checks out to Wagon Wheel Orchard and mail with a summary of your request plus plenty of alternate choices.  With the drought this year it will be difficult to specify which trees have adequate source wood. 

Mail to: Wagon Wheel Orchard 15380 Edgerton Rd Gardner KS 66030. 
We will be grafting apples on M111 (semi standard 85%), M106 (semi dwarf 75%) and M7 (semi dwarf 50%), pears on Bartlett (standard) and OHxF87.