Saturday, July 31, 2010

Open Sunday Noon to 4

Thanks everyone for a very fun Saturday afternoon! Many peach slushies were consumed along with some drip down your chin peaches. We still some Scarlet Surprise, Sweet and Sour, and Statefair apples for Sunday. This will be your last chance to get the Red Haven peaches - the recent rains have made the remaining fruit larger than usual! We did have one tree of a red plum called Empress ripen up this weekend so - first come first served. As many of you know we have 550 fruit varieties so we will have all sorts of heirloom, antique, unique and obscure fruit through the season - please keep following our posts.

On a side note I've had many inquiries about the "Doris Greuel Peach" - they are about baseball sized right now and they are still rock hard. I'm sure based on their previous ripening that this year they will be their largest ever - we will have to prop branches fo sho. The Doris peach is our latest peach usually ripening up in late August. I'm expecting softball sized record breakers this year!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Last chance to get Scarlet Surprise apples

We will be open this Saturday from noon until 4pm. We are almost out of the red fleshed apple known as Bill's Red Flesh aka Scarlet Surprise. We will be picking the remainder of the Red Haven peaches as well. Don't worry, there are a dozen other peach varieties left to go this season including the nearly famous "Doris Greuel Peach" and the ginormous O'Henry peaches.

Rick and the kiddos will be taking out some apples and a tree or two for a feature to run this October on Fox 4 News. Many people still don't know that we actually sell the 550 varieties of fruit trees that we pick here at Wagon Wheel Orchard and this Sunday night feature will focus on this aspect of our family operation - more info to follow. We will have several potted antique apple trees and pear trees for sale at the trading post. 350 of the 550 varieties that we have were grown in Kansas over 100 years ago and many are nearly extinct - planting one of these trees in your back yard helps ensure their survival.

We've had several inquiries based on a now defunct website with old incorrect info - we accept check and cash only. They stoppped doing any maintenance on their website and our efforts to get it changed have been "fruitless" - pun completely intended.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Opening Day

Peach season is upon us! We're opening the orchard tomorrow at noon and we will be open until 4pm. We will open Sunday for the same hours if we have fruit left on the trees. Please note that its going to be a hot weekend - please dress accordingly. We welcome strollers and wagons if you want to pull the kiddos around the orchard. There will be bottled water and peach slushies available outside the barn. We've expanded our parking lot this year and like before the gate opens at exactly noon.

Here's what we're picking this weekend -

Red Haven peaches - juicy, drip down your chin sweetness, yellow flesh, freestone

Saturn peaches - small to medium, donut shaped, white flesh, very sweet

Statefair apples - large, crisp, sweet

Scarlet Surprise apples - medium sized, red fleshed, unique flavour

Please add your name and email to our customer list at the barn when you check out.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Pick a Peck of Peaches!

It won't be long before peaches are ready for picking. Watch the picking report to the right find out when we will be opening later this month for peach picking! Remember, the picking report can change daily - even up to the minute, so always check it before heading out here! For example, on Monday, we may think the peaches will be ready on Saturday and post open hours for Saturday. But if we get no rain during the week, the peaches may need a little bit more time and we may have to change the days we open to the following week! Post here if you have any questions!