Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's been a wet & windy spring!

We have been combatting the effects of hurricane force winds & inches of rain day after day after day! We really weren't expecting this kind of a spring. But severe storms continue to be forecast for our area. We are working hard to protect our 1,000 trees so you will have a bountiful harvest from which to pick this summer and fall! We've been adjusting the support for the younger trees that have not yet established a solid root system. With the hard freeze last year that killed off all the blossoms, the trees went into overdrive with limb production. We have been thinning the fruit on those young spindly branches to keep them from breaking!

We just finished planting the pumpkins and gourds in our big pumpkin patch and gourd maze right before tonight's storm. We are excited to grow more award-winning entries for this year's Johnson County Fair!

Well, that's the spring-to-date in a nutshell! Stay dry!

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Lindsay said...

We hope all your little trees survive. What crazy weather we've been having this Spring! We'll check in on you often.

The Stewards
Matt, Lindsay, Madison, Ryan, and Aaron