Saturday, August 23, 2008

In case of rain...

Happy weekend to you all! We were blessed with some good rain this morning and there is more forecast for this weekend! So here is the case of rain...

*We will be open - rain or shine!

*We will still have our famous peach slushies and cherry cider slushies and Prairie Fire BBQ!

*If it is actively raining, the hay-rack will not be running for safety reasons! Wet wood is very slippery. The hay-rack ride will resume when the rain has stopped and the wood has dried out.

*It is only a 7-10 minute walk to the back orchard. If you have children, you may want to bring an all-terrain wagon!

*Bring your umbrella or rain gear!

*Be prepared to get muddy! It is not that wet this morning but the potential is there for it to get muddy in the low spots! We are not envisioning walking through mud up to your knees, just getting your shoes and the hem of your jeans muddy a bit! So dress accordingly!

*Have some fun with singing in the rain!

We have discovered that fruit picks the same in the sunshine and in the rain. You still twist & lift and the fruit still tastes yummy! We have also discovered that with an umbrella, you don't really get wet while picking your fruit! And we know that if you are coming for the experience of having some good old-fashioned fun with your family and enjoy some fresh, home-grown fruit, you will find it here at Wagon Wheel Orchard, rain or shine!

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