Sunday, May 31, 2009

Whew...the freeze wasn't so bad afterall!

The tree in the photo in the prior post (the one covered in all that ice!) actually has some very nice apples on it! The ice seemed to protect the blossoms from the much colder temperatures that followed! Whew!

Looks like the freeze got to the cherries and the early peaches, so opening day will have to wait till August 1! The frost naturally thinned the rest of the peaches and the apples so we are expecting a healthy crop of larger fruit than last year! The fewer the fruit on the tree, the larger the fruit!

We have been busy pruning and preparing our grounds for your visit! The ducks, chickens and goats are all doing well - the chickens are producing lots of eggs just for you! Don't forget to ask for them when you check out!

We are excited to bring back our famous Peach Slushies and welcome back Prairie Fire BBQ who will be here every Saturday and Sunday with their award winning selections featuring my favorite "Axel Grease" sauce!

As a licensed live plant dealer, we have stepped up our custom bench grafting, including heirloom varieties and many popular favorites. We will have many here for you take home and plant on your own property this season. We are also taking orders for Spring 2010. Just send us an email or call with your order and Rick will graft it just for you to pick up and plant next Spring.


Lindsay said...

So exciting! I haven't updated you yet, but the house we are buying has a 30 tree orchard! I'm sure I'll have questions for you along the way. Will you be back for the Switzer reunion (or anything else) this summer? At some point, we would love to have something in our orchard that is tied to Grandma. That would mean so much to Matt and I. Anyway, I hope your summer has started off well! (I didn't mean for this to turn into a comment of email-lengeth, so feel free to respond by email.) :)

Sarah @ Mum In Bloom said...

I can't wait to visit and pick apples this fall! It's wonderful to have a great orchard nearby. Thank you!