Friday, August 21, 2009

Mary Pepitone truly is a peach!

A juicy thank you to everyone who has called us in response to the Kansas City Star Cream of the Crop article written by Mary Pepitone that ran Wednesday, August 19 ( It was so much fun to have Mary visit, and yes, she was slurping and yes, her hand and arm were a sticky mess!

One clarification...if you stick your peach pit on the windowsill to plant someday, it won't grow! It will dry out and die! Stick it in a baggie with a wet paper towel and plop it in your refrigerator! The pit has to think it has gone through winter before it will grow! Once it has sprouted, you will be able to plant it! So get that pit in the fridge, Mary! We want to see that Peppy variety grow!

One more thing...if even one-tenth of those who called since Wednesday come on Saturday, there will not be any parking and there will not be any fruit left by the end of the day! So, please keep in mind that this is not the last weekend for juicy slurpy peaches! We still have a couple of varieties that we will be picking into September! Also, please visit this blog and the picking report to the right before coming as we will update it as produce is picked out and change our hours if necessary!

And remember that when you do come, please respect the privacy of our neighbors. We only have one driveway into and out of our property by the Wagon Wheel Orchard sign. Please do not pull into any other gravel drive. Thank you!

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