Sunday, October 4, 2009

Custom Grafting!

Now taking custom grafting orders for Spring 2010.

Would you like to have a tree just like Grandma’s or maybe your favorite apple variety fresh from your own tree? We can custom graft one for you!

Do you need help with where to plant your family orchard? We’d be happy to help you choose the right site and tree spacing. We also will be available to consult or personally train you in tree training and maintenance.

We prefer to graft onto MM111 semi-dwarf rootstock. MM111 produces a strong tree that can really take the high winds of Kansas well. It is a long lived tree that will produce a mature tree in the 15-18 foot tall range and produces fruit much sooner than standard trees. Because of personal testing and customer feedback this is our rootstock of choice and is what we graft 80% of our trees on.

We take orders for spring grafting until the end of February. Because we are dealing with Mother Nature we cannot guarantee that we will get 100% of our grafts to take successfully so we ask that you give us possible alternates in your order. All trees will be grown in reused or recycled containers with a mix of potting and native soil for a balance of vigor and reduced transplant shock. We prefer to offer trees in pots as this allows you as much time as you need to get your site ready. You can plant your tree at any point up until first snowfall.

We charge $15 for a custom grafted potted tree with a $5 deposit per tree upon order. We also have access to thousands of other apple varieties not listed on our website so please email us your request and we’ll do our best to find your variety. Please note that we will not graft patented varieties.

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