Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Get Your Want List Ready!

We have met with several scion wood suppliers and we are putting the final touches on what will be the most amazing benchgraft list ever offered in the world! One supplier says this may be his last year selling scionwood so we would like to get as many of these trees grafted and backed-up in as many orchards as possible. We will be selling apple and pear benchgrafts for $10 each (includes tax and shipping/handling) with a 10 tree minimum. Basically if the tree is not pattented and it still exists we can supply it for this season (and maybe this season only). The list is currently at over 3,000 apple varities alone. We are trying to iron out which variety names are synonyms of others etc. Please watch this blog over the next few days as we will be adding the apple and pear lists shortly. If you would like the lists emailed to you in either excel or word formats we would be happy to do that. Our email is The excel file will contain whatever info we have been able to gather on variety descriptions and characteristics.

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