Friday, July 30, 2010

Last chance to get Scarlet Surprise apples

We will be open this Saturday from noon until 4pm. We are almost out of the red fleshed apple known as Bill's Red Flesh aka Scarlet Surprise. We will be picking the remainder of the Red Haven peaches as well. Don't worry, there are a dozen other peach varieties left to go this season including the nearly famous "Doris Greuel Peach" and the ginormous O'Henry peaches.

Rick and the kiddos will be taking out some apples and a tree or two for a feature to run this October on Fox 4 News. Many people still don't know that we actually sell the 550 varieties of fruit trees that we pick here at Wagon Wheel Orchard and this Sunday night feature will focus on this aspect of our family operation - more info to follow. We will have several potted antique apple trees and pear trees for sale at the trading post. 350 of the 550 varieties that we have were grown in Kansas over 100 years ago and many are nearly extinct - planting one of these trees in your back yard helps ensure their survival.

We've had several inquiries based on a now defunct website with old incorrect info - we accept check and cash only. They stoppped doing any maintenance on their website and our efforts to get it changed have been "fruitless" - pun completely intended.

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