Saturday, July 31, 2010

Open Sunday Noon to 4

Thanks everyone for a very fun Saturday afternoon! Many peach slushies were consumed along with some drip down your chin peaches. We still some Scarlet Surprise, Sweet and Sour, and Statefair apples for Sunday. This will be your last chance to get the Red Haven peaches - the recent rains have made the remaining fruit larger than usual! We did have one tree of a red plum called Empress ripen up this weekend so - first come first served. As many of you know we have 550 fruit varieties so we will have all sorts of heirloom, antique, unique and obscure fruit through the season - please keep following our posts.

On a side note I've had many inquiries about the "Doris Greuel Peach" - they are about baseball sized right now and they are still rock hard. I'm sure based on their previous ripening that this year they will be their largest ever - we will have to prop branches fo sho. The Doris peach is our latest peach usually ripening up in late August. I'm expecting softball sized record breakers this year!

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